Friday, April 29, 2011

The Boys Are Working Hard

I am lucky enough to have a family of contractors at my disposal.  Here are some photos of what they are up against.  This place has had the same tenant for 30 years so it is time for a makeover.
 This carpet has left the building.....

 The toilet is soon to be gone as well as the fo-tile, They have orders to junk it.
 Here is from the Back of the store to the front with my trunk (to hide the kids toys in) and new old chair (holding my coming soon sign).
The sink is cool and retro so I'm keeping it.  We will move it to the wall next to it so that it is straight in from the door.  I also got new knobs that look old and will give it new life.  We are re-doing the tile also.
 This is a little hall that goes to the closet where we will install a small hot water heater.  Not sure what I'll do in this space.  The old yellow shelf is gone.  I'll post pictures after the demo when Jeff gets home with his camera phone.
Here is the holes in the wall.  Seems that the folks from the phone company next door keep backing into the wall.  Jeff is patching these holes and will texture over them, you won't even know it was there when he is done.
As you can see the wires are outside the walls it is THAT old.  Will be re-doing that as well, still outside the walls but going to make it look cool and industrial.  I like to play up the feel of how old the building really is.

Hope that shows a bit about what we are doing to the place.  I can't wait to get started on the finish work.

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

First Challenge:

Stamped Tag Swap: Full (Please join the next one)

You must mail tags by June 1st 2011.  Please follow directions closely.  Flakes will not be accepted.

There will be 10 Spots.  You may take more than 1 spot if you wish.  The more spots you take the more tags you will get.  For each spot you will need to make 20 tags (size 2.25 X 4.5 inches, or larger)10 of 2 designs.  Tags must be store bought or cut with a Cricut or other die cutting machine with white or off-white cardstock, no hand-cut tags will be accepted.  Each tag must be stamped with your choice of stamp using either Staz-On, Archival Ink, or Embossing Powder.  The reason that this is important is so that when each person gets their tags they may decorate them anyway they wish without having to worry about the ink running.  I have included this video of someone (not me) to explain it better for you.  

Tags must be mailed to my PO box.  With a SASE (Self Addressed Stamped Envelope).  The sooner they are all in the sooner I can mail them back out.  

Thanks to those that have signed up so far.  4 more spots available.

1. Miss ID Amy
2. Miss ID Amy
3. Patti K.
4. Diane Conley Secrest
5. Debi Debi Wallace 
6. Christina Ketelsen

7. Icing Amy
8. Mel
9. Summer
10. Kari

The Joys Of New Beginnings

I guess it started back when I was just a little girl.  My mom would take me for a walk to the post office just 2 blocks from our house.  We would always pass the little thrift store on our way.  I loved to look inside the door as we passed and look at ALL the stuff crammed inside.  That was over 25 years ago.  Today that store is mine and I'm opening it in just over a month.  It will soon be my very own scrapbooking store, and I can't wait.  It will be the place that I can share all my ideas with the world.  I'm hoping that you will find it fun to follow me and my journey to MY DREAM.  There is what we begin with.